How can Weston College Prep help you?

By providing college advising, test prep and application support, Weston College Prep helps students plan and prepare for college success. 

College Advising

Choosing a college or university is about knowing who you are and what you want from the next four years. We help you find and apply to the schools to get you there. 

Test Prep

Weston College Prep provides comprehensive support to help your high school student perform their very best on college entrance exams--SAT/ACT.

Application Support

The college essay is the single most impactful way for students to present themselves to a school. We help them find their voice and tell their story.

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Wendy Ferdinand, Ed.M

Wendy Ferdinand holds a B.A. from Dartmouth College and a Masters in Education from Harvard University. She was a teacher at an elite private school in Manhattan for eight years prior to moving to Connecticut and setting up her practice.

She has worked as a senior interviewer in the Dartmouth College Admissions Office and continues to serve as an alumni interviewer for the college.

Wendy has also served on the Boards of the Dartmouth Club of Fairfield County and the Weston Women's League.

Karen Phillips

Karen Phillips is an independent math consultant who works with many Weston College Prep students on general math support. She holds a M.A. in Secondary Mathematics Education from Columbia University, Teachers College and an M.B.A. degree from Stanford University. Karen taught high school mathematics at a New York City public school for two years and then pursued a career in finance working for J.P. Morgan and Pepsi Bottling Group. After a move to Connecticut, she returned to teaching and currently works with students in a one-on-one setting.

Ken-Shing Law

Ken-Shing Law is a math and science consultant who works with many Weston College Prep students on standardized test preparation as well as offering general math and science support. He holds a B.S. in Chemistry from California State University, Long Beach and a M.S. in Chemistry from Yale University. His passion for teaching started at a young age as he tutored fellow students during his high school years. Ken continued to work with students on math and science while he pursued his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He works with students in a one-on-one setting and maintains an office in Westport.

Pen Vineyard

Pen Vineyard is a math and science consultant who has worked with Weston College Prep students on standardized test preparation for several years. He holds a B.A. from Dartmouth College and a Masters in Education from Columbia University’s Teachers College. He is a Spanish teacher and administrator at a local private school. He also serves as an alumni interviewer for Dartmouth. He endeavors to instill a growth mindset, helping students understand that test-taking is a skill upon which they can readily improve.

Disarming our family of the stress and worry associated with the college application process was the gift Wendy gave to us. She possesses the intangible but essential “sixth sense,” or keen intuition, which enabled her to masterfully empathize with each child’s unique vulnerabilities around navigating the college process and to create specific strategies to move them toward their goals. Her personal connection with my kids, combined with her standard of excellence in all aspects of her work, sets Wendy apart from others. Wendy is one of few influential adults role models that my children have had the privilege to have in their lives. Because of their work with Wendy, both of my kids went through the college process with competence, calmness, and a sense of preparedness that we are so very grateful for. In sum, Wendy is a master teacher, mentor, advisor and friend.
— Weston College Prep Parent
I had a lot of trouble with my college process— That is, before I met Wendy. She made me really question what I wanted out of my college, and with her guidance, I was able to narrow my choices significantly. Wendy was a savior in the sense that she made the college process manageable for both me and my parents. I will be attending a school at which I previously thought I had no chance at receiving admission, thanks to Wendy’s direction. It was a pleasure working with her, and I am forever grateful.
— Weston College Prep Student
I always had heard that the college process was so horrible and stressful, but working with Wendy made it, believe it or not, enjoyable! She was able to turn a somewhat horrifying task into something that made me really learn about myself. I have never met a more intelligent and organized person in my entire life and not only was that helpful, it was inspiring. Wendy helped me make the best decision I have ever made; I simply could not have done it without her. Thanks Wendy!
— Weston College Prep Student
As you begin the college selection process with your son or daughter, you will no doubt come to realize almost immediately how competitive the system has become. Wendy immediately “clued us in” to the situation and helped us to identify realistic options for our daughter. She did a fabulous job helping us to understand how important it is to find a school that will not only challenge our young student but also provide her with the academic support she needs. Wendy’s commitment does not end there. She provides support throughout the entire application process and works to place students in the best possible environment. As a result of Wendy’s efforts, we are happy to report that our daughter is a happy, vibrant and productive student. Thanks to Wendy, we all couldn’t be happier.
— Weston College Prep Parent